Linking Mission to Money:
Finance for Nonprofit Leaders

Linking Mission To Money

Linking Mission to Money, Allen J. Proctor's second edition of his first book, helps volunteer board members positively impact an organization's mission by achieving financial goals.

Allen says "the benefit and the liability of being a board member lies with each member of the board. This book is intended to help volunteers satisfy their commitment by explaining finance as the core of a holistic approach to fulfilling board responsibility."

Written specifically for non-financial experts, Linking Mission to Money uses conversational style and short, digestible chapters discussing planning, priorities and sustaining mission through adversity.

A book of tools for:

  1. Effective nonprofit governance and management
  2. Setting priorities
  3. Building budgets based on priorities
  4. Planning over the business cycle

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Check out the contents within Linking Mission To Money:

Introduction to the Second Edition

Section I: Planning and Priorities
1 Board Financial Oversight
2 The Primary Task Is to Sustain the Mission
3 Planning: Linking Mission to Money®

Section II: Building a Mission-Focused Budget
4 Budgeting: Implementing A Nonprofit’s Plan and Mission
5 Reviewing Priorities
6 Five Features of an Effective Budget
7 When Is A Budget "Conservative"?
8 Profit-making by Nonprofits
9 An Example of a Budget Approach for a Strategically Focused Board

Section III: Leading a Mission-Focused Board
10 Organizing the Board
11 Board Meetings: Focusing on Mission Achievement
12 Financial Reports: Linking Mission to Money®
13 Identifying Problems Without Micromanaging
14 Conducting a Meaningful Annual Check-up
15 Fundamentals of Financial Statements

Section IV: Sustaining Mission: Linking Mission to Money®
16 Tools for Sustainability
17 Cutting Back Strategically
18 Cutting Back Expeditiously

Section V: Communication
19 Informing a Nonprofit's Constituencies


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