More Than Just Money:
Practical and Provocative Steps to Nonprofit Success

More Than Just Money

Allen J. Proctor's second book on nonprofit board governance and financial management provides insight on a variety of issues that you, as a person involved with a nonprofit organization, grapples with each day. Allen has the unique ability to take the complicated, even arcane, and make it cogent, understandable and achievable. More Than Just Money gives you dozens of concise, easy-to-read chapters on subjects ranging from board governance and endowment management to sustaining donor relationships, maintaining missions through financial crises, and much more.

A book of ideas to help nonprofit leadership deal with:

  1. Effective use and recruitment of boards of directors
  2. Working within the business cycle
  3. Emphasizing cash over endowment and investment income
  4. Surviving crisis without damaging mission
  5. Countering the challenges of modern philanthropy through improved donor education

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Check out the contents within More Than Just Money:

I. Role of the Board
The Board and the Budget
Best Practices
The Right Board Members
Realistic Goals for the Board
Engaging the Board
Evaluating the Board

II. The Executive Director
Financial Statements and What They Don't Tell
Budget Questions
A Manager's Tool Kit
Involvement of Staff
Strategic Planning

III. Financial Management
Five Important Lessons
Profit Versus Passion
The Business of Nonprofits
Cash Reserves, Part I
Cash Reserves, Part II
Multiyear Financial Planning
Community Needs
Endowment, Part I
Endowment, Part II
Investments, Part I
Investments, Part II

IV. Legal Issues
Basic duties
Participation in Elections
The Sarbanes Oxley Act
Fund Management

V. Crisis Opportunities
Necessity - The Mother of Invention
Critical Steps
Corporate Giving

VI. Challenges in Philanthropy
Blurring the Lines between Donor and Manager
Provider of Last Resort
More than a Party
Donor's Trust
Fundraising Planning
Funding Restrictions
Tax Write-offs
Supply Chain Management Lessons
Disclosure: the Good and the Bad

VII. What's Next for Nonprofits
Learning to Let Go
Is Budget Balance the Right Strategy
Change: When to Move On or Out

Appendix: Do-It-Now Action Recommendations

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