Minnesota Council of Nonprofits and the Minnesota Council on Foundations Joint Conference
CEO/Trustee Dinner - November 1, 2012

TEDxClaremontColleges - September 23, 2011

Columbus Business First Corporate Caring Awards Luncheon - Keynote Speaker - April 19, 2012

Columbus Foundation - May 13, 2011

Select from any of these keynote topics for nonprofit, foundations, and private sector audiences, or Allen will work with you to design a keynote specific to your audience's needs.

The new definition of a successful nonprofit - or - Stop Getting in the Way of Fulfilling Your Mission
  1. Understand the implications of being a reliable provider of a useful community need
  2. Learn how to use the Linking Mission to Money® Grid as a transferable, successful model
  3. Hear examples of actual approaches by real nonprofits to restructure and achieve sustainability
Making Donations Helpful. Making sure your grants enhance nonprofit capacity.
  1. 1. Consider the positive AND negative ways in which donor gifts are impacting nonprofits
  2. Learn the factors necessary for nonprofit sustainability and solvency without sacrificing mission
  3. Discover how overemphasizing return on donor investment can push nonprofits away from fulfilling their mission
The Broken Partnership - How states are undermining the nonprofit sector
  1. Discover how the previously accepted ways of government funding to nonprofit organizations are no longer viable
  2. Understand new government priorities and how they impact the public needs
  3. Learn creative ways to prevent state funding from harming you financially

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