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Allen Proctor Speaking Topics

Allen J. Proctor speaks regularly on all of the following topics, as well as several more:

State Budget Impacts
A one-hour presentation on changes in the relationship between government and nonprofits since 1980 and how nonprofits can respond to remain financially healthy and true to their mission.

Making Donations Helpful
A one- to three-hour presentation/workshop on how doing good can sometimes harm nonprofits, with six ways in which foundations and philanthropists can make sure their gifts contribute effectively to nonprofit health and sustainability.
(Handout license available)

Defining a Successful Nonprofit
A one- to three-hour presentation/workshop on the successful nonprofit business model and how nonprofits can use this model to run themselves like a business while staying true to their mission and the needs of their community.
(Handout license available)

Surviving Recessions
A one hour presentation on the impact of recessions and economic recoveries on nonprofit revenues and expenses and how nonprofits should manage over the business cycle to minimize service reductions in recession.

To have Allen speak at your organization, please fill out our online inquiry form, contact emails@linkingmissiontomoney.com, or call 614.540.5520.

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