The State of Ohio's Nonprofit Sector

Linking Mission to Money conducted a survey of more than 120 Ohio nonprofit leaders in order to determine their outlook on the future. They were questioned on the current challenges and trends impacting their funding and organizational plans. Questions were asked surrounding both 2011 and 2012 so that proper comparisons could be made. Included in the final report is information touching on the impacts of federal and state cuts and how nonprofits are making do with the changes.

Survey participation showed that there is a pervasive shift in support from government corporations, individuals and foundations. Seeking more stability in their finances, Ohio's nonprofits are actively reducing expenses and expanding into new services or new businesses.

Key findings included:

  • Private giving is more than offsetting federal and state cuts at most Ohio nonprofits

  • Ohio nonprofits are optimistic about 2012 giving

  • With ongoing federal and state cuts, Ohio nonprofits are eliminating their deficits, largely through salary cuts and freezes and draining reserves

  • Alarmingly, only a handful of Ohio nonprofits are using loans or angel funding to expand earned income, while the rest are still dependent on grants or self-funding to finance growth or expansion to new services

  • Human services organizations are the most active when it comes to expanding or initiating new services to expand earned income
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