Advising by Allen Proctor

Allen is available to share his experience and best practices, offering the flexibility of personal coaching sessions, longer term consulting, or in-depth strategic reviews.

Personal Coaching

Scheduled “Hour with Allen” ideal for senior staff: CEO, CFO and Senior Fundraiser

  1. One-on-one coaching session with Allen to tackle specific challenges and initiatives
  2. Opportunity to step away from daily issues and look strategically at your organization
  3. Receive experienced counsel on how to best plan and communicate your strategy to board members, donors, civic leaders and staff

Available in-person for Central Ohio and by teleconference or Skype elsewhere.


  1. Develop and implement strategies to achieve sustainability
  2. Build board meeting agenda with focus on organization-specific key strategic issues
  3. Create a multi-year financial plan to support sustainability strategies

Extensive Strategic Review

  1. Detailed and extensive documentation of your problems and challenges
  2. Balanced, impartial analysis that is direct and does not take sides
  3. Practical recommendations that can be implemented

To inquire about having Allen share his experience and best practices with you and your organization, click here.

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