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Looking for resources to help guide you and your organization? Proctor's Linking Mission to Money has a wealth of information that provides you with direction and the right questions to ask yourself and your organization.

In this Resources section, be sure to check out Allen in the news, Articles published or specifically recommended by Allen J. Proctor, Proctor's Linking Mission to Money monthly newsletter, The Link, and Allen's Blog.

Allen In the News

How Allen Proctor's Grid Will Revolutionize Your Nonprofit

Social Enterprise Is Just As Important as Fundraising

The State of the Ohio Nonprofit Sector

The Independent School Financial Model is Broken: Here's How We Fix It

Charities Must Stand Up to States That Skimp on Payments for Services

Esteemed economist says nonprofits must strategize to survive lean times

The motto of Nonprofits: Doing good place to maximize profit - (how) does it work?

Experts Weigh In On Fixing Illinois

Short-Term Borrowing by Local School Districts

Published Articles by Allen J. Proctor

Your Future as an Entrepreneur

Strategic Choices in an Era of State Budget Cuts

New tool helps assess nonprofit health

Time to rethink what makes nonprofits successful

A model for future nonprofit sustainability

Is the nonprofit business model obsolete?

Donors should go with their instincts

Government scale-backs threatening services

Term-Limited Nonprofits can be Effective

The definition of a successful nonprofit

Social safety net services now nonprofits' burden

Human Service Chamber valuable to business

Reap benefits of treating volunteers like employees

Nonprofit Sector: Why corporations should care

Careful handling of contracts avoids conflicts

Arts, cultural groups gaining fans, losing cash

Third Party Resources

Charities With an Expiration Date Hurry to Make a Lasting Mark

Family Foundations Consider Issue of Perpetuity vs Limited Life

AGB Board of Directors Statement on Conflict of Interest

Advancing Good Governance: Why & How You Should Invest in Governance

Board Meeting Evaluation Form

McKinsey & Company Short Board Assessment Tool

TACS Detailed Board Assessment Tool

Checklist for Higher Education

Nonprofit Checklist for Accountability

Standards, Codes and Principles of Nonprofit and Philanthropic Organizations

Report on Strengthening Transparency, Governance and Accountability of Charitable Organizations

2007 National Board Governance Survey for Not-for-Profit Organizations

2006 National Board Governance Survey for Not-for-Profit Organizations

Board Options, Inc.: Helping Boards Be Even More Effective Problem Solving Units

Low Profit LLC L3C Resource Page

The Social Link

The Social Link is a monthly newsletter on social enterprise and social entrepreneurship that delivers thought-provoking resources on earning revenue with sound impact, and advice directly from Allen to your inbox.

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